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Roblobz is a turn-based Tactical RPG in which you control a trio of alien raiders, made of a viscous material and capable of exploding and recomposing themselves in order absorb the energies around them and evolve.

Missions as Gameplay/Tool Programmer : 

Roblobz is a small project done in two weeks. As a programmer, I developed the different character attacks as well as the tool allowing designers to make modular attacks that can be improved if the players destroy the totems present in the level design

> Developed the tool. 

The tool is an area of ​​tiles that can be modified in terms of size. The tiles are interractable and allow you to define the area where the effect of the attack will take effect.

> Developed character attacks

Use of scriptable objects to create modular attacks, document allowing game designers to understand them well. Each scriptable object has a list allowing it to define the type of attack: Damage, attract, push, heal.

> Management of the animation system

Use of the dotween plugin to manage the entire animation system, it allows the system to never play two sequences at the same time and to have a system that manages attacks one after the other.

Entity Class & Scriptable Ability

Roblobz Scriptable Abiltity.PNG
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