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Quash is a VR arcade game where you’re swinging your racket, destroying bricks, rising your score and climbing up the campaign or defeating your friends in multiplayer.

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Missions as Game Designer and Network Programmer : 

I had never developed a multiplayer game, I wanted to challenge myself and develop the network on Quash. Thanks to this project, I was able to understand the different issues of multiplayer games​.

My missions on Quash as Game Designer :


  • Thinking about the multiplayer gameplay (intentions, scoring system).

  • Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use user experiences. 

  • Designing and developing the unique gameplay mechanics for multiplayer. 

My missions on Quash as Network Programmer : 

  • Develop the system for synchronising player and ball movements.

  • Create two room systems allowing players to join each other (public and private).

  • Develop the voice communication system and its functions (mute, volume control).

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