Quash is a VR arcade game where you’re swinging your racket, destroying bricks, rising your score and climbing up the campaign or defeating your friends in multiplayer.

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Missions as Network Programmer : 

I had never developed a multiplayer game, I wanted to challenge myself and develop the network on Quash. Thanks to this project, I was able to understand the different issues of multiplayer games​.

> Designed and implemented the multiplayer system. 

I thought about a modular system to create private rooms with a code, or public rooms by instantiating them and making them disappear depending on the number of players inside.

> Developed the room system

Once a player creates a private room, a unique 4 character code is associated with it. The other players have access to a keyboard and can enter this code in order to reach the room.

Functions to kick the other player and change the level are available.

> Voice chat system

I implemented a voice chat allowing the player to communicate, options to mute or modify the volume are available in the room.

Network architecture