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Game In Society


Internship in GameInSociety - 4 months (2020)

Gameplay Programmer

Game in society is a creative agency dedicated to the design and production of fun, beautiful and educational experiences.

Game in society makes video game, gamified applications and serious games.

My missions : 

I was in charge of creating a gamified health-themed application on Unity.

I set up the architecture of the application under the supervision of the lead developer.

I created programming tools and imported data from excels files.

Made UI/UX Design of the application, used UnityEvents Systems in order to use the interface to handle click input.

During my last two weeks, I designed and prototyped a hyper casual painting game that could serve as a proof of concept

Workflow example : 

To import the data, I used a custom tool allowing me the download of Excel pages from Unity in TextAssets.

Created managers in order to store the elements and instantiate them with a pool system

Index retrieval to link items together and a save manager script to store user choices

Module Flowchart : 

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