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Pasta Madre

Embody an ambitious and talented mafioso avenging her family with the power of her Pasta Gun and a delicious artefact.

Graduation project

Currently in pre-production

Missions as Lead/3C Programmer and Technical Game Designer : 

Currently in development, I am 3Cs programmer and lead programmer on the project.

I also participate in the design of 3Cs and the development of technical documents.

> Designed and implemented the controller. 

The controller being very flexible, I allowed the designers to easily tweak the controller. Each mechanic has files to manage the data outside of blueprints in order to avoid conflicts on perforce.

Development of systems for: wallrun, jumping with propulsion, grappling hook, dash. Development of the weapon's firing system and ammunitions behavior.

> Developed the camera system

Creation of an actor component to manage the entire camera system. Adjustment functions are used in particular with curves allowing efficient modification. The main functions under development are occlusion avoidance, occlusion transparency and auto adjustement

> Optimization 

Before development, I thought about a system and its implementation to avoid loss of frame rate. A pool system is used and the gamestate of UE4 to reference and avoid casting as much as possible.

> Technical documentation 

I wrote technical architectural documents for the proper functioning of the development. Document of nomenclature and hierarchy to have a clean project to easily find what you are looking for

Nomenclature Documentation

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