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Gameloft works - 1 year and a half

As a Game Designer, I was able to work on mobile prototypes for Gameloft in the Game Lab at Paris.

I designed hybrid-casual mobile projects (simple gameplay with meta-game) that we published on the google play store to test the interest of players.

Missions as Game Designer : 

I was able to work on 4 mobile games (management game a tactical game and two merge games).

Being the only game designer on the prototypes created I was able to have a lot of responsibility and work on many different things :

Social : 

  • Explaining the project and discussing the current/remaining steps during meetings.

  • Management of the trello and the next steps of the project.

  • Establish the connection between the other people in charge of the project.

Conception : 

  • Search for an interesting gameplay according to the target and the intentions.

  • Elaboration of all project documents (from the first game design document to the meta-game document)

  • Create the game balancing on an excel file to have consistent values.

Production (Unity) : 

  • Creation of the gamefeel and balancing for the game (Camera, Controller and other values)

  • Fast-prototyping of mechanics allowing the programmer to fully understand the mechanics.

  • Integration of all elements in the engine.

  • Level Design / Progression.

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