Arkuwar (2017)

Arkuwar is a multi-choice narrative and puzzle game in which the player embodies Mursili III, a fallen Hittite king who inscribes the fresco of his life.

Missions as Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer : 

On arkuwar, I was the only programmer of the game so I had to create the basic controller as well as the card game part with a scripted AI. I also designed the card game and made the design documents.

> Designed the card game system. 

The goal is to recover the AI ​​stelea. The player has cards, each card has a characteristic: honor, courage and strength as well as a value.

Two cards can be placed under a stele and the values ​​add up. If they have the same characteristic, their values ​​are multiplied by two.

A ladder allows the stelae to move forward or backward on each turn depending on their value.

> Developed card system

The camera switches between two modes, one allowing you to see your hand, and one allowing you to see the game board. After the player's turn and the AI's turn, an event is called to calculate the values ​​under each stele and advance them.