Action/Adventure TPS Game - 2020/2021

Pasta Madre is a third person shooter in which you embody Graziella.

Fight your rivals in bouncy and dynamic fights to retrieve the powerful Pasta Madre. Use the power of your Pasta Gun to cook ammo to create interesting new projectiles.


Role : Technical Game Designer / 3Cs Programmer

Engine : Unreal Engine 4 

Team Size : 9



VR Arcade Game - 2019/2020

Released on Steam

Quash is an immersive arcade game in which you control a racket allowing you to destroy gigantic walls standing in front of you.
Achieving the highest score, rising against the clock and never losing the ball are challenges that you will encounter in game.

A multiplayer which gives you the opportunity to defeat your friends.

Role : Network Progammer

Engine : Unity

Team Size : 9



Tactical RPG Game - 2020

Roblobz is a turn-based Tactical RPG in which you control a trio of alien raiders, made of a viscous material and capable of exploding and recomposing themselves in order to absorb the energies around them and evolve.

Their goal is to absorb the most energy crystals by eliminating their protectors.

Role : Game / Tool Programmer

Engine : Unity

Team Size : 10



Narrative Game - 2017

Arkuwar is a multi-choice narrative and puzzle game in which the player embodies Mursili III, a fallen Hittite king who inscribes the fresco of his life.

The player must dive into Mursili's memories to choose his truth, defend it in a puzzle game and it's result is engraved on the fresco.

Role : Game Designer / Game Programmer

Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Team Size : 6